There is an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence that shows that our bodies function better when we do not consume any meat. Here are 5 reasons why switching to a vegan diet will help your health.

Increased Energy and stronger Immune system

A balanced vegan diet includes a wide range of nutrients that give you energy. Vegan food is easier for the body to digest, which in turn elevates energy levels as the body isn’t working hard to convert the food. Increased nutrients and more energy in turn boost your immune system.

Less chance of heart disease

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, narrowing of arteries, stroke and heart attacks are much more common in those that have a meat-based diet, whilst vegans are far less likely to suffer from heart disease related to diet.

Decrease your risk of cancer

A vegan diet can significantly reduce your risk of getting many forms of cancer.

Better Digestive Health

Vegans have a better gut microbiome [good bacteria], whilst meat eaters often have fewer friendly bacteria in their gut. The presence of good gut bacteria can help prevent bowel cancer, and a healthy gut means a stronger immune system helping you fight off many diseases.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Vegans have a lower chance of developing diabetes and many clinical trials have demonstrated that a low-fat vegan diet can completely reverse type 2 diabetes.

Believe it or not going Vegan is not that difficult

Now that you are on this page, you have taken one of the most important steps towards going Vegan. To make it easier for you, here are some tips that will help you sustain your Vegan diet.

One of the most important aspects to remember when you start changing to a vegan diet and lifestyle is not to rush things. Take it slowly – remember, it’s not how fast you’re going that counts, it’s your destination that matters. Of course, only you can be the judge of how fast you want to go.

There are those who can change their diet and lifestyle overnight, but for many people, it can be more difficult than that. If you’re in that category, you could start by making small changes to your meals, for example by replacing meat with a plant-based alternative that you will find in any supermarket or health food shop. You can also start to introduce meat-free or vegan days into your week, or build up the number of days on which you go meat-free. Try replacing animal-derived products with vegan alternatives, perhaps by swapping out dairy milk and trying out some of the alternatives. There are so many different plant milks out there, you’re bound to find one you like in the vast array available to vegans these days. Sweetened or unsweetened, made from peas, coconuts, soya, oats, almonds, cashews etc, many brands are widely available wherever you are.

When you start on your journey towards veganism, you’ll find a whole new world of foods opening out to you, plant milks being just one example. You’ll discover foods you didn’t even know existed. Rather than restricting you, turning vegan will introduce you to varied and exciting cuisines from around the world that will excite your taste buds and palate!

Do it the right way

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to forgo eating what might have once been your favourite food or guilty pleasure, even if it might not have been that healthy! There are vegan alternatives to burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, ice creams, cheesecakes, brownies, cheeses, sausages, bacons etc. There are now thousands of convenient vegan ready meals and dairy alternatives on the market – enjoy them, but make sure you don’t miss out on those essential nutrients! Check out our nutrition page for more information on daily nutritional requirements for Vegans.

Need Help

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so if you get stuck, remember you’re part of a wider vegan global community, who are there to help and support. Whatever your motivation for becoming vegan, there are groups that can help you transition to a vegan diet. Maybe you’re an athlete who wants to reach the next level, someone with health problems who wants to take control of their life, or someone who likes cooking and needs some recipes. The following links might help you.

Game Changers – James Wilks, former professional mixed martial artist, travels the world on a quest for the truth about meat, protein, and strength. Showcasing elite athletes, special ops soldiers, and scientists to change the way people eat and live. Find Out More  – Game Changers Movie

Vegan Fitness – Nimai Delgado is a natural, vegan IFBB professional bodybuilder and creator of He was raised with a vegetarian diet since birth and has never consumed any meat in his lifetime. Find Out More Vegan Fitness

Neal Barnard MD  – Neal D. Barnard is an American author, clinical researcher, and founding president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Find Out More Your Body in Balance

Michael Greger MD – Michael Greger is an American physician, author, and professional speaker on public health issues, best known for his advocacy of a whole-food, plant-based diet, and his opposition to animal-derived food products. Find Out More Nutrition Facts

Vegan Society – The Vegan Society, is the oldest vegan society in the world, founded in the UK in November 1944 by Donald Watson. The Vegan Society is an educational charity that provides information and guidance on various aspects of veganism Find Out More Vegan Society

Veganuary recipes – Veganuary is a UK non-profit organisation that promotes and educates about veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January and throughout the rest of the year. Find Out More Veganuary Recipes

Why Vegan

It might be that becoming vegan isn’t difficult for you, but if it is and you have days when you might slip up, don’t be hard on yourself, and remember why it was that you decided to become vegan in the first place. Change isn’t always easy, but it will only be a matter of time before your vegan diet becomes second nature and you will start to notice real benefits, and feel so much better for it.

The Vegan Society in the UK has developed a free dietary self-assessment app for vegans called VNutrition. If you’re new to veganism, or you’d like to check the quality of your long-term vegan diet, why not download it and try it out on your Android or Apple device.