About Vegan Edge

Veganism isn’t about restricting yourself to what you can’t do, but about what you can do. It’s about preserving the future of this planet and the humans and non-humans who share it, and about building a better quality of life by adopting a healthier way of living.

Whether you’re vegan already, thinking about becoming vegan, or simply want to eat a more plant-based diet, Vegan Edge is here to help provide you with the tools you need to change to a diet that’s both better for you and for the planet.

Our aim is to present the arguments for a vegan diet, and to hopefully inspire you by some of the interviews in our podcast with some amazing vegans. However, we recognize that not all our readers will want to adopt the diet at the same pace; at the very least, we hope we will be able to provide you with the answers you need to move forward.


I founded Vegan Edge in 2020 after leaving my job running the Investigations Department of a major animal protection organization in the UK. The job involved both participating in investigations as well as planning and managing teams across the globe.

I travelled the world, working in countries such as Colombia, Vietnam, Mauritius and most of Europe as well as managing teams working in China, Cambodia, Indonesia and South America and the USA to name but a few. The work involved infiltrating animal trafficking gangs, primate breeders, animal training and animal agricultural companies in order to gain video and photographic evidence exposing the mistreatment of animals by these establishments.

While bearing witness required me to rein in and suppress my most natural instinct, which is to prevent suffering, I believe the investigations in which I took part allowed me to tell the stories of the animals I encountered. I did not want the animals to have lived and died in vain without documenting their suffering. I was realistic enough to know that my investigations in themselves wouldn’t result in any groundbreaking change, but hoped that in my role as witness to these horrors, I would sow a seed, and that my work might have some lasting impact as it highlighted the hidden world of animal abuse, which is usually shrouded in secrecy.

However, having to witness animal suffering day in day out can takes its toll and slowly I came to realise that hope – that essential ingredient – was missing in my life! When I became vegan 35 years ago, it was a time full of hope in the possibility that we really could change the world. In creating Vegan Edge, I am continuing to build on that hope. My aim is to provide a resource where people who are interested in veganism will find information on a wide range of topics, and links to the world of possibilities that veganism can offer.

Through podcasts, blogs and social media I want to inform and inspire people into realising that being vegan is not only the best thing for the planet we live on and the animals with whom we share that precious resource, it’s also better for them in terms of both their physical and mental health.

10% of all profits from sales will be donated to animal sanctuaries

A special thank you to Shannon Keith, Founder of the Beagle Freedom Project for her help with the logo,  Jade from Friends Not Food Photography and Peter Steffensen Photography for generously allowing me the use their wonderful animal photos:

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